Call for Grant Applications

HealthSouth Corporation is pleased to announce their 2017 call for grant applications. In 2017, HealthSouth is offering research funding grant(s) totaling up to $30,000 aimed at the investigation of the impact or effectiveness of therapy in the inpatient rehabilitation facility (IRF) post-acute care setting. Download the full application. 

Deadline for submission: June 30, 2017

Background and Rationale:

The United States healthcare community has become a science-driven environment dependent on research and evidence which supports and defends the assessments and interventions used to define practice and care guidelines. Post-acute care providers play a critical role in in this community with their focus on returning individuals to an independent and productive quality of life after an acute medical episode. HealthSouth is one of the nation’s largest providers of post-acute healthcare services, committed to providing the highest quality of patient care using today’s most advanced therapeutic assessments, interventions, and technologies. HealthSouth consistently outperforms their peers with a unique intensive approach to rehabilitation, delivering better outcomes by providing a higher level of care.

Funding Scope:

During this application period, several proposals will be considered for funding. Funds may be requested to support direct costs attributable to the study, excluding the investigators’ time. The funding is available for research only. Funding is limited to $30,000, may be divided between several proposed studies, and must be budgeted on the application(s) prior to conducting the research. Documentation of expenses must be submitted on each interim report and on the final summary report when the research is complete. Additional
information will be required from approved applicants to process funding, including approval from the HealthSouth Research Review Committee (if research will be conducted in a HealthSouth hospital). HealthSouth reserves the right to deny approved funding  after final funding information is collected, as deemed appropriate.

It is not required that this grant funding be awarded to applicants that are HealthSouth employees or for research that is conducted in a HealthSouth hospital. Due to limited funding amount research development grants and all levels of research will be considered, so long as the proposed research has sufficient importance and scientific credibility that it is expected to be published in a peer review journal.

Priority Topics & Identified Gaps That May Qualify for Funding:

This list of potential topics offers interested applicants subjects which may be considered the highest priority for the grant funding award:

  • Efficacy of physical, occupational, or speech therapy assessments or interventions
  • Impact of modes or intensity of therapies on patient outcomes and experience
  • Impact of therapy assessments or interventions on outcomes or experience
  • Prevention or control of rehabilitation-related conditions
  • Patient and caregiver education programming impact or outcomes
  • Impact of IRF therapy services on the continuum of care throughout a patient’s medical event, including re-hospitalization and post-acute care
  • Implementation research aimed at the study of methods to implement research findings

Selection Process:

The applications submitted will be evaluated based on 1) scientific merit and experience of principal investigator(s), 2) relevance to the grant program objectives and 3) expected outcomes, and study feasibility. The final selection of the project for funding will be conducted by the HealthSouth Therapy Grant Selection Committee and Corporate Clinical Research Committee. Final selection will be complete within 60 days of the final submission deadline or August 31, 2017.

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